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Mind Games

The brain is a wonderful machine. It uses shortcuts that help us manage life efficiently and regulates emotions. However, these mental shortcuts can influence investors to subconsciously make unwise financial decisions.  Our Mind Games series will help you understand how shortcuts and emotions influence these decisions and what you can do to ensure thoughtful, deliberate financial choices.

Biggest Investment Lesson From 2020

Limits of Foresight

Psychological Contagion

Political Priming

Political Noise

Forecast Flaws

Market Whiplash

Allure of Forecasts

Shock, Awe & Perspective

Strategic Ignorance

Detrimental Data

Coin Tosses & Our Brain

Who Would Have Thought?

Recession Rampage

Back to School

Decision Making-The Thinking Brain

Summertime Surprise

Strategic Ignorance


Fake Headlines

Market Whiplash

Investing-Simple, Not Easy

Illusion of Average

Financial Media for the Long-Term Investors

Back to School Brain Teaser

Trade Wars

World Cup of Predictions

Brain Teasers

May Fables

Learning from Bear Sterns

February Fluctuations

The Melt-Up of 2018


Predictably Emotional

Psychological Contagion

Earthquakes, Hurricanes & Financial Decisions

The Eclipse Illusion

What's Next


Performing Research