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Comprehensive Financial Planning

CFP® Certification: The Standard of Excellence - Several of our team members are CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (CFP®) professionals who can help you manage your finances and put a plan in place for the future. Only a select group of planners have met the rigorous education, examination, experience, and ethics requirements (set forth by the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards) necessary to call themselves CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals. CFP® certification is a symbol of the certificant’s knowledge and credibility among his or her peers; and indicated his or her status as a qualified, trustworthy financial planner.

Comprehensive Financial Planning

Comprehensive Financial Planning

  • The core of what we do, from which all other services are built
  • Define financial goals and priorities 
  • Create and periodically update a plan to pursue your goals 
  • Coordinate all the moving parts of your financial life


  • Filter, screen, monitor, execute and adjust portfolio construction
    Tailor methodology and goals to each client’s needs
  • Analyze asset location, adjust per account and incorporate trust accounts
  • Optimize investments of inheritances & windfalls
  • Diversify portfolio assets
Pre- and Post-Retirement Planning

Pre- and Post-Retirement Planning

  • Update and amend retirement projections based on models and retirement planning goals
  • Optimize account types, considering tax, retirement, gift and estate planning 
  • Analyze, plan and optimize withdrawals and distributions 
  • Assess major life and goal changes including home sales, retirement date changes and relocation 
  • Analyze pension options 
  • Execute and track required minimum distributions


  • Analyze current insurance including life, long-term care, disability, health insurance, and supplemental planning
  • Assess current employer-based health insurance options
  • Consider property and casualty insurance needs for home and business owners
  • Provide advanced insurance planning for business owners, executives and legacy decision-making
Proactive Tax Strategies

Proactive Tax Strategies

  • Adjust strategies for federal, state, estate & gifting, based on current tax laws
  • Analyze withholding & deduction strategies
  • Assess tax loss harvesting and intentional tax acceleration opportunities
  • Curate tax professionals
  • Determine conversion and mega conversion strategies
  • Assess advantages of accelerating vs deferring business income and costs
  • Optimize tax and trust tax investment location
Social Security Planning

Social Security Planning

  • Educate clients on Social Security claiming strategies
  • Determine optimal enrollment timeframe based on financial goals and other retirement income.
  • Help clients to maximize their benefits based on their overall financial plan
Medicare Guidance

Medicare Guidance

  • Assess healthcare coverage needs and costs
  • Provide guidance on coverage choices, including supplemental plans and enrollment periods
  • Help clients to maximize their benefits based on their overall financial plan. 
Education Planning

Education Planning

  • Budget for educational expenses
  • Optimize savings towards college using various account types and, if needed, financial aid
  • Assess the impact of education planning on other goals
  • Develop investment strategies to pursue educational goals
  • Provide student loan guidance
  • Maximize estate planning benefits through education planning
Estate, Gift, and Legacy Planning

Estate, Gift, and Legacy Planning

  • Plan for federal estate tax, gift tax and charitable tradeoffs
  • Discuss beneficiaries, titleships, wills, trusts and other important estate considerations
Business Owner Services

Business Owner Services

  • Work strategically with trusted partners, CPAs, lawyers and estate attorneys
  • Develop family partnership transition strategies; considering intra family and external factors
  • Assess closely held business decisions
Equity Awards Maximization

Equity Awards Maximization

  • Maximize stock options
  • Develop exit strategies for gifting, concentration reduction, and equity awards
Advanced Strategies for Complex Needs

Advanced Strategies for Complex Needs

  • Plan for gifting, estate, and multi-generational transfers of wealth
  • Plan for legacy and philanthropic wishes
  • Consider family dynamics
  • Plan for executives and unique business needs

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