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We work to understand you and your family and guide you, like your family's CFO, toward the growth and preservation of your meaningful wealth, often across several generations. Our differentiator is to provide Advice for Life, simplify the complex, and take the mystery out of money and finances using our GPS system and Bucket Approach to retirement income planning.

Advice for Life Using our GPS System

“Advice for Life” is a process that you and our team, as your financial guides, will undertake together. By helping you articulate your aspirations, we are better able to understand where you want to be and develop a road map seeking to help you get there. Whether you are in the accumulation phase of your financial journey or a retiree, we will work with you to chart a path to your dreams. Whatever your hopes for the future, our preferred way to pursue the vision of how you’ll spend the years ahead is to commit to a plan that can take you there. Our “GPS System” has helped other clients manage debt, better understand the financial decisions that support their situation, and improve family communication regarding money issues.

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Goal Identification

Before making any recommendations, we meet to learn about you and your family. This enables us to assess your situation, current needs, risk tolerance and future goals.

Plan Development

After evaluating your unique situation, we develop a personal course designed to help you work toward your goals.

Solutions, Implementation & Monitoring

We partner with you to develop and put into action a customized plan that takes into consideration all areas of your financial life and helps you confidently pursue your goals.

Retirement Income Planning Using our Bucket Approach

“Our goal is to provide you with a retirement “Paycheck” and to help reduce the fear of potentially outliving your money.” - A.J. Amato

Our investment methodology for your retirement income is designed striving to help create growth while still protecting the money you need the most. We call it “Our Bucket Approach” and it divides your money into three “buckets” ranging from short-term to long-term spending needs. The goal is to keep short-term and intermediate cash-flow needs in relatively lower-volatility investments, potentially shielding them from volatile markets. Longer term savings are invested toward growth.

Short-Term Needs:

Short-Term Needs:

Next 1-2 years

For living expenses not covered by Social Security and/or pension and short-term spending needs.

Low-Risk, High Quality Investments

Intermediate-Term Needs

Intermediate-Term Needs

Next 3-10 years

For medium range spending needs and goals and perhaps to increase yearly income.

Fixed income funds, balanced stock funds/ETFs

Longer Term Needs

Longer Term Needs

Next 10+ Years

For longer-term needs and goals for mitigation of the effects of inflation.

Stock funds/ETFs positioned toward growth

Our Services

Advice for Life is an ongoing process. Over the course of your lifetime, your goals and circumstances can change. Through these ups and downs our team can assist with providing guidance on a number of topics.

About My Team

A.J. Amato, CPA, CFP®


(518) 479-4600

A.J. began his career in 1982 and has over 30 years of financial services experience, including long careers with one of the largest banking institutions in the U.S. and a renowned certified public accounting firm. He established A.J....

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James I. Sullivan, II, MBA

LPL Wealth Advisor


In July 2015, Jim joined A.J. Amato Wealth Management as a Client Services Associate. In his position, Jim is responsible for assisting A.J. with the development of comprehensive financial plans, investment research, and providing high...

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Laurie Walter

Branch Operations Manager

(518) 479-4600

Laurie was hired in November 2012 as an Administrative Associate to help maintain quality client services in our ever growing firm. In December 2016, Laurie assumed the role of Branch Operations Manager. Prior to joining A.J. Amato...

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