Albany Financial Group

            Aiming to give back to the community, Albany Financial Group took on several local charitable endeavors this holiday season.

            For the third consecutive year, Albany Financial Group was honored to be able to make a sizeable donation to Catholic Charities to help local families enjoy the holiday season. This year, members of AFG also assisted projects of the Ronald McDonald House and of Dr. Bob Paeglow.

            Catholic Charities stocks a store full of toys for families in need to shop for their children each holiday season. So, on December 4, the AFG team embarked on a shopping spree to stock that store, which is expected to serve more than 500 children in our community this year. The group filled 8 shopping carts, overflowing with toys, games and books for children from infancy through age 12.

            The shopping trip also allowed the group to purchase items needed to open the new Ronald McDonald House, which adds 10 new bedrooms in a home adjacent to the two existing homes, which currently have 16 bedrooms and often, a waiting list. Items needed included bedding and bathroom supplies as well as a television for the common area.

            AFG employees also contributed items personally to Dr. Bob Paeglow’s Blessings Party, such as candles, slippers, ornaments and other holiday trinkets. Dr. Bob runs the Koinonia Primary Care Clinic on Clinton Avenue in Albany. He treats patients regardless of their ability to pay for care, takes no salary for his work, and has been known to purchase medicine for those in need out of his own pocket.


        The Blessings Party, held annually, gives children an opportunity to “shop” for the adults in their lives, allowing them to feel the power of gift giving.


    Once again, AFG partnered with the local Target store on Central Avenue, which generously dedicated one checkout aisle and several employees to the mission and discounted the purchases by 10%, allowing AFG to provide for that many more families.


            “Giving back is what the Holidays should be all about,” said AFG Principal Len Valletta. “Albany Financial Group has been very fortunate to be a viable firm in the Capital District for over 30 years now so this is just our way of saying thank you and acknowledging the fact that the community has been very good to us!”



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